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What are the benefits with taking ujjaintourim services?

5 Benefits with taking ujjaintourim services for Ujjain kumbh mela Best tour and transportation facility: – Book Cab, taxi, Indigo CS, Swift Dezire, Innova, Tavera, Tempo Traveler and Bus. You can choose any kind of vehicle for Ujjain kumbh Best Ujjain Darshan Packages for per day –Choose 2 to 6 day’s darshan packages for family, …


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5 Interesting Facts about simhastha 2016 Ujjain

5 Interesting Facts about Ujjain Kumbh 1. The Kumbh Mela Is celebrated once in every 12 years on the basis of movement of two planets. During Ujjain simhastha kumbh mela 2016 the sun will be in The Zodiac sign Aries and Jupiter will be in two. 2. The simhastha 2016 in Ujjain is Expected to …


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Get the Tranquil Experience of Life in Ujjain Kumbh

There are many places and events in the world that embark a strong mark in our memories for the rest of our lives. The Ujjain Kumbh mela is also one of such mega event that engraves the true tranquility and spirituality in our minds forever. There are several reasons for celebrating the Ujjain Kumbh mela. …


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Plan a spiritual tour of Ujjain this summer

Summer vacations are always great fun to have with family. Most of us plan summer vacations with family especially with our kids and the best joy of spending the summer vacations is to proceed to a destination that gives you great energy and peace. If you want to experience the divine spirit and tranquil energy …


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Visiting in Ujjain during the Simhast, 2016! Be careful

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the start of the massive spiritual fair, the Simhast 2016 in Ujjain in India. This spiritual gathering is marked as one of the biggest spiritual gatherings ever in the world ever held. During the Simhast 2016, the entire Ujjain city will be flooded with the devotees and worshipers and at …


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Get prepared for the biggest spiritual fair Simhastha 2016

You might have been to various spiritual gatherings and ceremonies before, but there is nothing like Simhast. The Simhast is the mass gathering of the spiritual gurus, devotees, deities and normal people who want to witness the spirituality at its best. This year the Simhast is about to be held in the holiest cities of …


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Ujjain Simhastha – Mahakumbh Mela 2016


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What to take care during the Simhastha 2016 in Ujjain?

Simhastha 2016 is about to held in the Ujjain, which is the holiest city in the India and preparations are going in full swing. This is the mass gathering and people from all over the world would be attending this holy fair. As per an estimate there were more than 1 billion devotees coming into …


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Experience the true divine spirit in Ujjain during the simhastha 2016

Ujjain, being the holiest city in India is known for its great holy importance in the Hindu Mythology. This more than 5000 years old city has witnessed some of the major transition of the Hindu religion and event s. As a result, it is been now recognized as one of the biggest Hindu pilgrimage centers …


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Simhastha 2016, Ujjain: Things that you must know

Ujjain, the holy city of central India is all set to stage the biggest and the most extravagant spiritual gathering ever in the world in the form of kumbh mela in 2016 Ujjain, which is also popularly known as simhastha 2016. The city which is more than 5000 years old carries a huge amount of …


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