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Ujjain is also famous for the legends as there are so many legends have born here and ruled on Ujjaiyani. They are known for their equitable governance even today. Raja Vikramaditya was one the most famous and glorious kings of Indian History who has ruled Ujjaiyani and who doesn’t know about the Vikram-betal stories.

There are many ways to reach this beautiful city. The most nearest place to Ujjain is Indore. Ujjain is 55 km from Indore. The distances of Ujjain from some major cities of India are – Ujjain is 195 km from Bhopal, 444 km form Ahmadabad, 519 km from Jaipur, 572 km from Nagpur, 1124 km form Goa. You can visit here by the means of Air, Rail or Bus.

By Air:-

You cannot come directly by Air to Ujjain as Ujjain doesn’t have any personal airport. The airport which is in the vicinity of Ujjain is Indore named as Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Hawai adda. From Indore you can take any means of transportation according your choice and comfort.

By Bus:-

You can visit to Ujjain by bus. You can take bus according to your comfort and budget, air conditioned or non air-conditioned, sleeper coach or non sleeper coach, single or double Decker buses. Ujjain is well coupled with neighboring cities and road routes.

By Train:-

There are a number of trains to Ujjain from different cities of India. You can visit to Ujjain approximately any day from Indore as most of the trains run on regular basis. Some of the major rails from major cities are –

For Indore to Ujjain-

Malwa Express- Run for all days of week.

Udaipur city Express – Run for all days of week

Indb Rjpb Express- Run on Saturday only

For Nagpur to Ujjain-

AhilyaNagri Express – Run on Sunday Only

Nagpur Indore Express – Runs only on Monday.

For Jaipur to Ujjain-

Intercity Express – Run for all days of week

JP BPL Express – Run for all days of week


So have a visit to Ujjain and make it a memorable trip of your life.

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