About Simhastha Kumbh Mahaparv

Religions, Spirituality and Festivals have their own importance in everyone’s life. India is a land of Festivals and Parvs, Many great festivals and Parvas are celebrated here and one of among them is SimhasthaMahakumbhParv.

The word KumbhMela is originated from SamudraManthan (which occurred during the Dev-AsurSangram). The Meaning of Kumbh is Pot and Mela means Fair.

KumbhMelas held after every 4 years on different pious places on earth which include Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nasik.And the Grand MahaKumbhMela or Mahakumbh or MahakumbhSimhastha held after every 12 years because of the changes in the position of celestial bodies. According to astrology, SimhasthaMahaKumbh occurs because of changes in the position of celestial bodies and in these changes Surya enters in Mesh, Simhrashi (Zodiac – Aries and Leo). And it is also believed that some great Yogs also takes place and because of that grand yogsSimhasthaMahaKumbhtake place.

During SamudraManthan (stirring of ocean) some drops of Amrita (Nectar) dropped from the Kalash (pot) on to the different places on the earth and these are the same places where SimhasthaMahaKumbh occurs after every 12 years. These drops were dropped on the earth while Dev and asurswere combating for the ownership of that pot. And these combat end up after 12 days in heaven which turn into 12 years for humans on earth.

The SimhasthaMahaKumbhmela will be celebrated in Ujjain this year, also known as “Mahankal ki Nagri – Ujjaini”. It will be rejoiced from from 22 April 2016 to 21 May 2016.  Mahakumbh and taking holy dip in ksphirahas great religious importance. Taking holy dip in the river Kshipra is believed to be one of the pious traditions to get liberation from all sins committed by us, somewhere in lifetime.

SimhasthaMahaKumbh Parv has a unique importance all around the world and because of that a million of devotees visit SimhasthaMahaKumbhParv after every 12 years.Devotees also visit ancient temples of Ujjain during this parv – One of among those ancient and popular temple is Mahakal Temple Ujjain. It is one of Jyotirlinga among 12 Jyotirlinga of India.People also visit bhairavmandir, Sandipani ashram where Krishna and Balram received their Shiksha.

Pilgrims include a number of different varieties of peoples – like sadhus, aghoris, naga sadhus, foreigners etc. Sadhus from all over the country visit the Parv to get emerged in the devotion and to take a participation in Shahi Snaan.The Sadhus or saints came here are mainly Kalpvasis, Urdhwavahurs, Nagas, Shirshasinse, Parivajakas. It is expected that an approx of 50 million pilgrims will join the SimahasthaMahaKumbh this year. So SimhasthaMahaKumbh also have social connotation too apart from the religious one. As people from different regions, of different cultures and different countries come here together which itself is a perfect example of “Unity in Diversity”.

So just come once Ujjain to Join the Most Pious Gathering on the earth which is also view able from the space.

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