About Us

Ujjain the city of Mahakaleshwar and it is an important and pious place for the religious peoples who have a strong believe in God. It is known by many different names like Ujjaini, Avantika Puri, Avanti and a lot more. It is also famous for the holy Shipra River and Kumbh Mela held after 12 years at different places. We, Ujjain Tourism welcomes you to city of we welcome you to city of Lord Shiva. It is also a city of Historical Importance as well, who does not know about the majestic king Vikramaditya. And the Lord Krishna had taken his education in Ujjain from the great saint Sandipani.

The Ujjain city and its ujjain temples are so beautiful and sign of wonderful ancient architectural art. Ujjain Tourism trust in presenting our services to clients in such a way that represent Ujjain as a wonderful place of India. Ujjain Tourism basically started its services in 2011 and is registered travelling company we are one of the best travelling related services provider. We are one of the most appointed travelling service provider. Our main and foremost goal is the Client’s satisfaction we are here for you to support 24*7. We believe in quality services and so we do provide quality services in order to full fill each and every requirement of our client.

Ujjain Tourism is a place where you can find all the facilities at one place. We have experienced team of professionals here who will take care of your needs and make you journey same as the way you like to have. We want that every client of us have a good trip and memorable moments.

Our Vision

We endeavor to present the best to clients with Ujjain tourism services and to make it the most liked biggest and leading consumer doorway in the world in order to encourage Ujjain tourism .Our vision is to give the best services for ujjain hotels, travelling and online services and make your journey memorable for the whole life. We would like to fulfill each and every requirement of each and every client in order to meet all the expectations of our clients. We want that every client enjoy their journey with happiness without any trouble. We desire to compel an era of soothing atmosphere, service relieve and best prices according to client’s budget. Our services will totally change your way of thinking about the travelling.

Our mission

Our mission is to supply advanced and high quality customer services with a persistent dedication and loyalty. We want to see a smile on their faces by our services. Our focus is on clients’ demanded tour and everything they want to be there in their journey. We wish to offer all the things at same place. We want to establish a long term relationship with our clients, so that they can choose us every time during their visits to Ujjain. Our achievement will be a measure of the number of clients we have because of their trust on us.