Why Ujjain is the best travel destination in Summer?

You might have heard about the city of Ujjain, which is also considered as the holiest city in India. Ujjain engraves one of the most spiritual synergies and diversity and that’s why it is known as one of the most holy cities in India. Though, this summer’s there is something special in Ujjain and you also could be part of  this special event that will change your life forever. 

Summer is the Best Time to Visit Ujjain

This summer Ujjain is hosting a mega spiritual event which is also known as the Simhast kumbh mela, which is a great spiritual fair. This year’s Kumbh mela in Ujjain is getting held after the interval of 12 years and therefore has a great importance. If you are planning to visit Ujjain, then just wait till summer and then reschedule your trip to the best tourist places in Ujjain. From the middle of April to the Middle of May, Ujjain is hosting this mega spiritual event known as the Kumbh Mela.

It really doesn’t matter whether you belong to any religion, but you can still attend the kumbh mela. This kumbh mela is free from any cast bindings, racial restrictions, and gender restrictions of colour. Every human being in this world could be the part of this event and understand the zenith and existence of their lives. The mega spiritual event will be held for the one month and there will be a lot of different festivities taking place during the entire month. When you land in Ujjain, you will find a totally different environment and you might immediately groove into the spirit of the true spirituality. 

Whether you believe in the spiritual powers or not, but once you will come to the city of Ujjain, you will get answers for your entire question. One of the most prestigious events in the Ujjain is the holy dip in the sacred shipra river. If you want to achieve the bliss in your life, then a holy dip in the given date in the river Kshipra will awaken you and free you from all the karmic bindings and effects. This is the one time opportunity to seek the bliss and achieve enlightenment in your life.

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