Simhastha 2016, Ujjain: Things that you must know

Ujjain, the holy city of central India is all set to stage the biggest and the most extravagant spiritual gathering ever in the world in the form of kumbh mela in 2016 Ujjain, which is also popularly known as simhastha 2016. The city which is more than 5000 years old carries a huge amount of traditional and spiritualities that binds the entire country in the real spirit of unity, integrity and peace through spirituality. Hinduism is one of the ancient religions in the world, and today it is been the third largest followed religion in the world after Christianity and Islam. Hindu religion is the clattered around various mythological and fictions and non factious characters. One of the most interesting things about the Hindu mythology is the enlightenment of the lords and enshrinement of the spiritual lords who won over the Asuras that is the devil forces.

Simhastha 2016 kumbh mela is been held after a gap of every 12 years in the four most spiritual and historical cities of India and they are Ujjain, Nasik, Allahabad and Haridwar. Each one of this city are having great significance in the Hindu mythology and they are located in the banks of four holy rivers. Ujjain is located alongside river Kshipra, Haridwar is located in the banks of the holiest river in the country Ganges, Nasik is located in the banks of Godavari and Allahabad is located in the banks of three great rivers, Ganges, Yamuna and Sarswati.

The Significance of the Kumbh Mela could only be known with the fact there were more than a million devotees take part in various festivities all though the month of kumbh. The entire city is filled with sadhus, yogis and spiritual gurus along with the general public who come to worship the lords and attend pooja offered in various temples around the city. This year’s simhast 2016 kumbh in Ujjain is projected to be around the biggest of all, since the number of estimated people attending this kumbh would be much more than any year before.

One of the major attractions of the kumbh mela is the Shahi Snan i.e. the Holy Bath

The holy Bath took place in different dates around the month of the kumbh mela and the dates are decided by the anatomy or moment of the moon, earth and sun. The shahi snan is the major event in the kumbh mela and has a great historical significance.

The shahi Snan in the Simhast 2016 in Ujjain would be taking place in the following dates

  • Purnima Full Moon (First Snan)- April 22 2016
  • Vaishakh Krishna Amavasya- May 6 2016
  • Shukla/Akshey Tritya (Second Snan) – May 9 2016
  • Shukla Panchami-May 11 2016
  • Ekadashi and (Pradosh Snan)- May 17 2016
  • Purnima- May 21 2016

The Shahsi Snan said to have a great astrological and mythological significance and it is been said that the people who take the holy bath during the specific dates in the kumbh mela during specific hours are said to achieve Moksha (Bliss) and get rid of the cycle of life and birth. They also will be able to get rid of all slanders and sins that they have conceived in this life and the past life and karmic bindings.

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