Simhastha Ujjain (Kumbh Fair)

One of the most famous Fair/mela in the world is Simhastha or Kumbh Fair, Generally known as Kumbh Mela. It is held after a interval of 12 years in India at four different places. The places where Simhastha Kumbh mela is held are Ujjain, Nasik, Haridwar and Allahabad. The duration of this fair is about 1 to 1.5 month. Simhastha/Kumbh is an important for the Indians. Millions of devotees come in Simhastha Kumbh after every twelve years. Kumbh also held after every six years at two places named Allahabad and Nasik, it is known as Ardhaa Kumbh. And Kumbh Mela which held after every 12 years has known as “Mahakumbh”. It is considered as a prevalent get-together of peoples of Indian religions as well other religions. Also many foreign visitors came here to see the beauty of this fair. People came here for bathing in the Holy River Kshipra with a faith that all the things will go well again in their lives, in the pious month of chaitra and Vaishakh.

Reasons behind Simhastha Kumbh Parv

There are many believes behind the beginning of the Kumbh Parv. First reason which is believed as the beginning of Simhastha is when there was Samudra manthan held in the Heaven. As the Amrit Kalash come out as a result of brainstorming the sea, it turns turned out to be a reason of fight between gods and demons and during this fight some droplets of it fall on the earth at four different places Ujjain, Nasik, Allahabad and Haridwar and from there the Simhastha mela began.

There are also some other reasons which are believed to be the cause of beginning of Simhastha/Kumbh Mela is the position of planets in the solar system. The place of the Mahakumbh or Kumbh Mela is also decided according to positions of the planets on a particular place by the astrology. It is decided such that when the particular planets will be in a particular zodiac then the Kumbh fair will be held to a particular place suitable according to these planets’ position.

Reasons to visit Simhastha/Kumbh Parv Mela

As it is a prevalent get-together of the people many saints of different believes and communities came here in order to impress the Lord Shiva by their bhakti-sadhna. The Sadhus or saints came here are mainly Kalpvasis, Urdhwavahurs, Nagas, Shirshasinse, Parivajakas. Everyone has a different style or way of worshiping the Lord Shiva; first one spent their time in meditating, second one’s has shrunken their cadaver from stiff divine practices, third ones are the naked ones who do spread bhasam on their bodies and have tangled and knotted long hairs., fourth ones are those who do worship Lord Shiva by doing shirshasana; in shirshashan their head remain on the ground and the whole body is in the air as a vertical pole, and the fifth ones are those who has taken a oath of stillness or silence to worship the Lord. The next Simhastha is going to be in Ujjain in 2016. So be a part of such a religious and grand fair.