The simhastha kumbh is about to held in Ujjain during the hot summers, but the roar to this mega event has already began. The kumbh mela is one of the biggest spiritual fairs in the world with devotees more than a billion is expected to attend the event. What are the things that really make this big? Well there are certainly many things that make kumbh mela the biggest spiritual fair and juts apart from the number of devotees who came in from different corner of world, there is massive amount of spiritual unite and gathering occur every day during the entire month of the meal. The purpose of this fair is to celebrate the spirit of the Hinduism and pray for the world peace.

Kumbha mela shares the spirit of unity and integrity and every person who has been the part of the kumbh mela in the previous years must understand the zest of this mass gathering. Since Kumbh mela is held in the gap of every 12 years in the four cities alternatively, therefore it becomes even more special occassion for the devotees to be a part this spirutal fair. Every city has their own mythological and holy importance. Apart from Ujjain, the kumbh mela is also held in these cities after span of every 12 years Haridwar, Allahabad, and Nasik.

All these four cities are the most ancient cities of India and have a great mythological significance. Most importantly, all these four cities have been the prime worshipping place of Lord Shiva. Ujjain being the host city of 2016 simhast Kumbh mela is known as the holiest city in India. Earlier known as the Avantika and Ujjaini, the modern Ujjain imbibes the spiritual elements carried forward from more than 5000 years ago. During the Mughal era,the city has gone under huge demolishing by the mughal emperors, but the spirituality of the city remains exist in the heart of the city.

When there are devotees then there should also be accommodation made for the devotees. During the entire simhast 2016 in Ujjain, every hotel and lodge in the Ujjain city is likely to get filled with devotees, but despite that devotees may get accommodation in various public accommodations made by the local administration. The major temples and ashrams of the city have provided more space to accommodate more sadhus in the temple premises and ashrams. So, there would not be any trouble with the accommodation, but you need to face a massive flood of the people during the kumbh mela.

The world awaits the extravagant affair and this year’s simhast 2016 would expect to be far bigger and larger than the previous year’s held anywhere in India. If you want to witness the true spirituality and get yourself indulged into the ocean of spiritual power and tranquil energy then there is no place in the world other than the simhast in Ujjain. So, be prepared for this opportunity to make your life and soul pure and harmonious with true spirit of spirituality.

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