Visiting in Ujjain during the Simhast, 2016!

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the start of the massive spiritual fair, the Simhast 2016 in Ujjain in India. This spiritual gathering is marked as one of the biggest spiritual gatherings ever in the world ever held. During the Simhast 2016, the entire Ujjain city will be flooded with the devotees and worshipers and at every corner of the city you will find the priests, Sadhus and saints offering prayers and engaged in \to a deep meditation. Being fascinated about the part of this gathering is obvious, but you need to plan now to be a part of this mega event.

This year during the mid April to Mid May, the Ujjain kumbh is proposed to be held in Ujjain, which is regarded as the holiest city in central India. The good thing about Ujjain is that since, it is located in the central region, therefore very well connected with all major rail routes and the national highways. Ujjain is also known as the holy city for the Lord Shiva, as one of the lingam of the lord Shiva out of 12 Jyotirlingam is located in this city.

During the Simhast, there were expected more than a billion people to travel to Ujjain from different corner of the world and you will find hardly any place in the city which is empty. All the streets of the city and squares should be flooded with the current of people moving from one direction to the other.  There were made, some high class security arrangements during the entire event and more than 2 lac police personnel would be deployed. Apart from this the teams of special task force, NDRF (National Disaster Relief Force), RAF (Rapid Action Force) and Indian Army will be posted in the area to combat with any critical situation or disasters. In such type of mega events, one of the biggest threats is the stampede. History tells in the past, there were occurred mass stampede during such spiritual gatherings specially the latest one in Mecca in 2015, in which more than 800 worshipers has killed during the stampede.

When you are planning to visit Ujjain during the Simhast, make sure to take care of yourself and family and remain safe. Despite of the heavy security arrangements made in the city, you need to ensure the safeguard your belongings specially the money.  You should make sure to carry the least amount with you while travelling in the city and also not to keep your debit cards, credit cards or any personal identification in your wallet while you are roaming in the city. Beware of the pick pockets every time and females should not carry huge gold ornaments or jewels along them during the visit to the city. Though, during the entire event, the whole city will be flooded with the people, but still avoid being in the place that has the extreme crowd or more than capacity crowd. In such places there remain more chances of occurring stampede or any other tragic events.

When you are visiting Ujjain during the Simhast, try to travel in a group instead solo and remain touch with the members of your group. Just take care of these small things and experience the most holy and tranquil journey of your life and seek the blessings of the lord shiva. Contact Ujjain Tourism for budget hotels in Ujjain on 9713720333 or