What to take care during the Simhastha 2016 in Ujjain?

Simhastha 2016 is about to held in the Ujjain, which is the holiest city in the India and preparations are going in full swing. This is the mass gathering and people from all over the world would be attending this holy fair. As per an estimate there were more than 1 billion devotees coming into the city during the one month of the Simhastha 2016. This year’s Simhastha 2016 is to be held in the hot summers during the month of April and May, so this year Devotees have faced some real challenges in the form of extreme weather in the central India. Ujjain is located near by the Tropic of Cancer, therefore during the summer temperatures would be as high as round 40 degrees to 45 degrees with lots of humidity.

Being the part of Simhastha is always a great experience for anyone. This is the time where you sink yourself into the real holy spirits and spiritual powers that unite everyone. When you will visit Ujjain, you will find spirituality in the air and where ever you look, you will find the bunch of devotees around the streets and temples.

So, if you have decided to be the part of this mass spiritual gathering then there are few things that you need to take care:

Accommodation and lodgings: Though, during the entire Simhastha 2016 Ujjain there would be no scarcity of the accommodations, but to get a good accommodation you need to book in advance. All the hotels would be filled to their capacity with the devotees, so you might face some problem getting the best accommodations. Though, the local temple administration will do several temporary arrangements for the devotees to spend the night in the ashrams and tents and the same sort of arrangement will be done by the local administration, but you might need to face some problems because of the heavy rush of the people. So, it will be better to book your accommodation in advance if you want to visit Ujjain during the Simhast.

Weather: This year Simhastha 2016 will be held in the months of April and May, astrological this is the time in the year when the sun enters the Leo (Simha) and therefore this time of the year it becomes more powerful and strong like Lion, therefore the climate become very hot. Ujjain is located close to the tropic of cancer and during the April and May, the temperature in the city would be as high as 45 degrees and sometimes it becomes intolerable for the people to live in this hot temperature.

Medical Aid: If you are suffering from any allergic disorders or has been performed any kind of surgery or undergoing any medical treatment then better to avoid visiting Ujjain during the Simhast. Though, there will be enough arrangements done by the local administration for the medical aid and there will be some professional emergency services will be on alert 24/7 for devotees, but people who have been suffering from hypertension or any cardiac disorder should avoid visiting Ujjain.

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